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Different world and rules

 I coudn't understand so much the rules about the innocent workers. Today, I just stayed home. I just relaxed because I stopped at praksis worked. However, I felt not well today so it was okay. Anyway, I will not rathered to explained so much about why I stopped at worked.
Futhermore, It  was so big different rules in this different world. Then, It is so complicated the personal matter about everything so take it over. I did not get salary and had more tiredness I wasting. Speaking personal, could you guys needed some personal good lawyer about you something that you bothered for?
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summer will over!

I taken this when we played band. It was so cute the duck while swimming. And very cleaned and clearly water. And we cannot back again because the pub will closed and it was the last visit there. Good bye! And welcome the coldest again! hehehe

Updated news

Hello guys, what's updated news for today.? Oh yeah! The greatest things and easy to used for everybody that what is the new things for today.  Latest cell phones are well known gadget news. This gadgets are popular in the world. Speaking, popular news. News can be also some famous people that we idolized. Well!  Hotest news today is the virtual famous idol that  can maybe is you big fan. We're there you can see the another things that needed some tips.
Free Articles Tips is basically provided to everybody that once you need some important information your daily convenient articles. How ever, must better to have some matters that can greatful to us.

I hate my life?

Have you guys ever found yourself saying that 'I hate my life? Based  on my situation when I started to understand how my world going out. I cannot forgot that I really hate to be a poor life. hehehe.. What I mean that we are poor and the destiny gives two things that really hard to solve until now. That's my father and mother  got sick together.
You know how really hard if that your parents got sick together and If you are the eldest daugther /son you can forced to be independent and support everything the best you can do. In my innocent world, I did not experienced some teen ager did it to enjoyed the life to be teenager. I cannot explore what should want because I must think what my family needed.
That how really difficult my life experiences, that I would try to solve it. But, ofcoures they are my important family. That I cannot let go and forget them. So, I must do the best I can do to support them.
Sometimes ,I thought I want my freedom, for me, meant having power to do what you know you ought to do.
Most people know what they ought to do,but they don't have power to do it.

Teen's book

 I remembered , on my younger age we loved to read some  story books.  I cannot immagine one of my friend had collection of some interesting books that can make life history. She have been collecting novel that where she can read some love story.. We all know that mostly of the teen agers preferred on love stories. Then, out of my school time we  assign to go at library to do  some reviews.  Teen Book reviews that we  summarized to get it short cut information .
We know that all books can give  relaxed and  have more informative things. Even, i got married I bought some books that make my time busy while waiting the time I will traveled until here in Norway. And, did it to read at all and I recognized that book are can helpful to us specially on the teen ager that needed to have more knowledge accourding into important matter.


Whew!!!!!!! I really nervous that I did not see my passport..On my last day I have been using on it, when we're at post office. And , It was a bit busy .Then, I just putting somewhere but I forgot where it is!! I checked the bag that I thought I putted it there but not inside on it. So, I returned back in my drawer that I suddenly remembered that I put it safely in my another bag.. hehe..That's one of the  important things in my life that will be not lost...hehe

The 2007 model car

Just post only the second hand bought my hubby last weekend. This is french car. I am tired today from praksis worked that can lost  my energy joke...happy Monday everyone.

Tinnitus Miracle

Hello guys, it's very miracle to have a simple life. Simple life that have in good health, no sickness, and etc. According to all prevention of health we must eat exactly nutrition and have a diet. We must have good exercise and drink proper water everyday. Life are very important. We cannot do if we are sick and must be wise about medicine to drink for.
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Tinnitus Miracle Review this one of the most frustrating review online that there is a  whole bogus information around out there. Here you can  see a lot of informative things about this miracle . Just take a time to read and  everybody can get what amazing this things.
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Excellent things for wedding

I am ready now to have an extra job here at computer after I relaxed a little minute. At that my life experiences will continue to share some information on what have been happening base on my own words. An information maybe is not much but I will  try to explained the best I can do.. I wondering about my special at the past about the have an excellent preparation time on that day. And that what the big day to be together with your love one's. That day is our marriage day. The celebration that we could ever forget. And that will be so much stressed if you will not prepared in advance. Maybe in at least six months before.
If you are planned to have wedding ceremony must better you must those great views like at the beach. And definitely we need  some things about preparation on wedding about clothes, flowers, decoration and many things. We also need chaussure mariage enfant that we can sure they are more elegant in order the stylist in the occur of standard by the beaches. However, we will not forget to prepared chaussures de mariage cuir enfant that much more  convenient to the children. And of coures is not complete for this time if it have not chaussure ceremonie homme that make the groom more instant confidence in by walking.


Hello guys, I just came home from Norwegian courses and I just sitting here at computer. I must relaxed a little minute.
It was so hard to woke up in early in the morning because I'd like to nap more hehe.. Everybody wants to go sleep more and want not to go worked or at school.  But we have no choice to forced ourself to wake up and do what we need to do. No matter what that's all  part of our life.


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Have you been noticed? I thought you did not noticed that I have been adding another blog that you can see in my another corner.
And wait a minute, we got a suddenly visit  one woman from Italy, two man from England and Tromso. And this what we get from them.

Good night guys!

I just jumped now and gonna go bed.. hehe.. A bit busy because I have now praksis worked that without salary hehe.. When I came home today was little tired and I just only relax sitting here at computer and looking for new layout in my another blog and also this blog...okies da..Have a great day to anyone.

My first ever joined contest by dhemz

I never tried some contest in blog before and this is my first time I've joined. I am hoping  all rules  that I understand are right!
This is a great Random Thought hosting by Dhemz and 2nd giveaways from Vegas. Plus chance to win $25, $15, and $10 thru paypal and I hope so I can win some of this give aways. xoxo..

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Filipino attitude changed?!

I just shared some Filipino attitudes. We all knew that  almost Filipino's  people are hospitable , accommodating, trusting and friendly.  But correction,  we can say, yes! we are!  But they are not all make that way!  Even If you are same country land you came from it might attitude will  changed when he or she felt that high level with some one  another.

I just talking about some not at all do this ways. We all knew that we are Catholic Christian, we are almost believe by God. But some another believe by God in another way but they are same belief. And now,  we going about Filipino changed!  I got a girl friend. I treats her a real and true friend.  We met first time in Royal Norwegian Embassy Manila and had some girls talked about documents on paper and visa.
We went round somewhere place and visiting the Catholic church together with my mother on that time but she wasn't went inside because she is believe in another religion. She was just waiting outside. After that , we went back in hotel where we occupied that time. Then, she joined with us at that hotel to stayed some few hours.

After all, she went back at the apartment with her friend that she stayed a while when she claimed the visa approval same as with me.
Two days after we meeting was my flight and it was terrible feeling because I had LBM, curious, little nervous, so sad with crying as my mother did.
When I got inside the airport I met my lucky angel. He was a married man.  He was first asked me that where my destination to go? And I answered that Norway. And I said, I am alone I don't have idea what shall I did  that time. He helped me and instruction me out there . He asked the flight cashier If it is possible to changed his  seat beside me. hehe..We sat together with him until Amsterdam.
Then, I was alone to looking my  flight number  but of coures before he left he instruct me how! On that  time was the end and never saw him again! I hope so someday we can meet. He was good to me. So thankful I got an angel that lost my nervous that time.

I found then my plane until Oslo airport before that I saw the famous singer and dancer in Philippines the same flight  with me. They are Shara Geronimo, Billy Crawford that they had concert on Nov.11, 2009. I talked some Filipinas  who lived long years here and newly also same as me but her husband was with her.
I came in Oslo within very cold and I was freezing.  I met my husband there and directly goes in hotel.
In the another day was  flight again from Oslo until here in Harstad.
After one week, she came this Filipina I met in Manila but she lived almost 3 hours faraway drive by car. We had contact in Facebook and we traveled and visited here with two times in there house .
And then,  when her birthday came she forced me to attend and even we are tired because my husband had played band at night time we drove to be with her.

I was helping at the kitchen, washed the dishes and fried some food they prepared. While fried here some pinay friends came and as her about between us.  If we are friend? (Magkaibigan ba kayu?) she said:  No! We are just met in facebook!.  OMG!  I heard clearly that words and while doing those I fried I got tears and shall did cried!  I cannot totally swallowed the food!  I felt those time disappointed!  And we did not stayed so much because my husband will played again in that night and we went back where we stayed that day. And when, I got inside the car. I started crying and crying so much!  And explain to my husband about that! He said it was impolite.


Tomorrow back at school again to continued learning Norwegian languages. I need to finished this opportunity because it is free no payment at school and a chanced to get some good worked and can earned some income soon.. I really hope so...I must sleep now because first day at school and we gonna go school early so that we can set at the front together with my pregnant friend from Iraq. I bought only notebooks ,pencil and ball pen.

On last weekend!

On last Saturday this was happened. My husband was took this picture with the bridge and it was nice day. The sun shine but it's little cooler because of so much fag in the sky.
We have been driving and stopping a little on this place to  had just some pictures. We went at Kongsvik where my husband friend of mine lived. We planned to picked some blue berries at the forest and we did it. I got so  much. Blue berries are one of the berry they had in Norway and we can found it at the forest.  It's really good with in bread in the morning and  it's vitamin.

Snooki ,Fashion Faux Pas

I am curious on this fashion style. It is amazing with the massive  raise recently secured for the third season 'Jersey Shore' assumed Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi would be able to afford some fresh and fashion new outfit. I saw this picture when I opened the Yahoo and I browsed it. I felt cool this her out fit. Isn't right?

Do you think I've been singing and playing piano?

It thought today to post this picture. I posted already this at Facebook and some commented  that I playing piano and singing. Most of the time I joined  when my husband  played band .Isn't a famous band but it have some contacts from another town here some where in North of Norway. Some of them are restaurants with Pub also birthday party's, wedding party and  that time I couldn't joined because it's private.
Anyway, I couldn't sing and play a piano. It just pretending and taking pictures while waiting people come..hehe
Have a great Friday everybody!

What a busy day?

Hello guys, I have been a busy day. I had currently much house works. And today had a problem with our internet connection that made my day mad. So, while waiting I have been cleaning in toilet and arranging the all clothes in the drawer. Then, my husband came from worked I told him it was whole  day no  connection
and he automatically restart it.
Any way guys, I am glad to set here back in blogging,dropping another site  and chatting with my cousin from USA. And while refreshing all the paid company i got some buzz. This is my buzz today Austin Divorce Attorney that made me to  remind some Filipina woman who had complicated on marriage. She married with Norwegian man but she had now another man from New Zealand and got now a cute baby girl. And felt so pity this Norwegian man he sent a lot money to her but he got nothing and he planned to contact lawyer to make arrangement on this case. I did not understand  how really  it was accepting by Catholic laws that they Christening the baby using their name even this woman they don't have yet annulment with Norwegian man. What a big crazy right? Oh gosh!

Base on the Catholic Church it so hard to make this arrangement. But good luck to her with they're new path in life. And now, this Norwegian man will not married again and planned to go Thailand to make his life free well. And this is the best way to have him peace of mine.


This two was running when we passed by them.
This one walking on the road.
They just standing there not afraid of the car.

And this only walking out of high way.
If you guys would have list to traveled until Finnmark Norway? You should watched out in the road that can be probably all this animals will   be jumped after your car and that can be dangerous and can cause by serious accident.
This man has owned all the reindeir on that road and he said must be careful to cross the road because they have many animal that can be dangerous. My husband forced me to had picture with them so that we have remembrances how the Samis people wear their traditions clothes. hehe
We watched out all that time when we traveled until Alta. Mostly that road have may reindeir.
If you guys see this and asked what is that? They are souvenir that all made by that animals.


lyn sims,phuket thailandHave you guys been in Phuket?  Phuket are one of the famous tourist pot in Thailand.  Mostly Norwegian people are one there's favorite destination when they have vacation or holiday is there in Thailand.  That's why mostly Norwegian man are married  with Thai woman.  People from Asian are same look like but kinda of little different. But sometimes it's look the same face.  For example me, sometimes Thai woman called with me  and they speak there own language that i couldn't understand and i said sorry.   They thought that I am from Thailand but Pinay haha..  Phuket one our list on this year to go but it's depend on the budget because must better to spend money to visit my family. We planned and hubby maybe gonna go alone but I said  should  I joined? hehe. .I think this nice place to go.  I remembered I had met Thai woman who was married the friend of mine to my hubby.  She wanna go Phuket only woman no husband.  And she said , her daughter gonna take care to her husband.  It was great idea also but maybe next time after  she will delivered they're second baby. hehe.. It's look wonderful place calm and nicer views.