Good bye 2010.. Welcome 2011

Well , well guys, here I am again I need to explore my self. Anyway, today I am little not feeling well. We travelled long way in  more than three hours. I am here now sitting in the place where my partner will played band. Now, we waiting to the owner becuase we need room to relax. I had headache and I am hungry. I need to eat very good food but sadly we have no open store here now.
I bring some bread but I need food that have rice. Well, rice is powerful with me. I cannot make it in day if no rice.
 I have  task  need to finish and that is . Online Degrees that programs available online. It was long time I planned to check out online degrees.
It is so greatful I need a good degrees in life. Therefore, if I have lock and the time well give a chance. Why not. While sitting at home and  learning a lot of information in the world. So, it is so wonderful. I will become a social degree in whole life.

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Comedy Plus 24      Good bye 2010.Welcome 2011. Happy New year  everyone.

I have plan

You know guys I have planned to improved my poor knowledge. I really feel pity to myself while I incountered some information that I cannot catch up at once. I need to think many ti before I can know. As now I am focusing on this Norwegian coures. I have now pass the important exam needed at work but I need to continue for another high level exam.
They said that this  test is so difficult but I need to try if I am luck I pass it lucky me but once it is deny so need to take it again. It was lot had exprience not passing on this level but I believed we should try and try until we succed. As this coming new year starting January 2011 I need to go at Norwegian coures in night time and two days in day time. After that, I heard that online college here in Norway. Online college can help us busy. If you are fulltime working  single mom you have chance to get more degree. Like as me I planned to work full time whole weekend and I planned to go college. But I should need to be wise about this and think more.

What is your new year resolution?

Hey guys, what is your new year resolution? Anyway guys, I can give my new year resolution here at my corner. There's a lot for me need to change and be more mature. Be a pleasant mature wife to my partner but sometimes it can be difficult with me on this new world to understand many things. Like about knowledge I don't have enough as now so that's why I need to get it as soon I can do. But you know I remember this word what is my new year resolution when I was High School. I remember my favorite in teacher in Math he asked about this. And now, I saw one of my friend here. She cut her long hair and now it is short like in modern style now. New year and new hair cut! hehe
Good choice for her and it was very nice now and looking young.
 Oh guys! How about you here?

A place for mom

Hello guys. Here I am again. I have a time now to do my job online. I would like to say again Merry Christmas and advance Happy New Year. Anyway, we lived in this  world with different cultures, fashion and everything. We are only the same of us. We have soul and sin. Whenever if you are rich and poor. But someone, have no enough time to care about families. Because, lot of people are busy at work. And when it will back home from work it so tired and need to relax.
A Place for Mom is needed here out of Europe becuase it is thier cultures to put into a house care that they can care all most of the time.
We have here neighbor building where they lived mostly older. That is the cultures of this country. We can see different becuase in another country must better the son and daughter will take care of beloved old  parents. So, well! If you guys looking for more info about a place for mom just see around on this page.

Just remember

I just remember on last summer in this year. We went little travel.

Lotro Gold

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Mobile casino

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Merry Christmas

Was my turn to give the presents to our self.
It was my brother!Oh no! my step son and I ready to open the all gifts.
It's simple and peaceful celebrating christmas eve. We just eating traditional foods. After that, we open directly the gifts. Merry christmas to everyone. Happy holiday.

A micro game

Our last past couple days was bite busy. I haven't enough time to update here in blog. I got home with so stressful and tired from work and school.
Eventually, I must need to celebrate the christmas party together with my co-filipina. So,that's why! But was so fun! We enjoyed anyway! And today, our last day at school and starting tomorrow our holiday until new year. But it is little not good news we have still work in 3 days because I worked at big store here in town.
I need to do it my online jobb here. My tasked that I need to catch in. I got a tasked about microgaming casinos that is timing on this holiday time. While sitting at home and enjoyed playing this games.
You can check out also our mega moolah that's really interesting games also. I would like also to inform the guide to get the jackpot prize. Just look at around the jackpot guide here.

Our Filipino x-mas party

This was our christmas party last december 12, 2010. We enjoyed this time.We dancing and singing. We ate also Philippine foods. We had playing games for the children and also for adults. I won and also my partner. I got some presents. We had santa claus who gave some gifts for children. It was so funny because some small children was afraid to santa claus. They're cried when santa talked to them ...hehe It was very nice to have party together with kababayan. Merry christmas everyone...

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