Children stuff

When the children back at school they usually prepared important things .There's a lot things to buy like the kids backpack are very useful  for them.
Because, they will carry throught out thier back and shoulder. When they have party you must think about to put thier things in the personalized duffle bag. By being human everybody have some maintenance to keep on.
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SUNDAY with heart

Heart is the symbol of love..hehe..Just wordless for this day. It is a bite lazyness and want to sleep becuase it is cold weather here...We know that Sunday is rest day. And tomorrow is the beginninmg of the day to go school and work. Have a nice Sunday everyone.


One of my friend Filipina woman was lately been at Paris. She was enjoyed there at spend the time to have vacation without her kids. She told me that Paris was a perfect place to go.
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Oh no! I hate this. Really! I got cough and colds. I never like to have this because it is difficult to breath and always sneezing also coughing. Uffffff!
My first time  ever experience in autum and got sick. Whataaaa! Wheeeeeeeeeeeew!
  So, a bit tiredness and lazyness today. I slept less last night becuase I cannot breath. So,what ever stressful this kind of sick.
I just keep in touch to update some info here.

started to have?

Anyway guys, it is now starting cold weather here we need to wear clothes so much to protect that so much cold. And now, I going to sneezing not so much I hope it will stop not to continued. Sometimes it have rain little that's why can got easily problem on body.

Tonsil problem

I did not know what happened to me now I got problem in my tonsil. When I going to swallowed something it is painful. I feel I got problem in my tonsil that make me little not feeling good. I slept little late last night and woke up early this morning. I needed enough time to shower, eating and wearing clothes to prepared to go school. A lot of things I should learned at Norwegian coures but after on that I preferred to updated here and it is English languages. How could I can be fluently if I am not fully time to learned it. I am almost one year now here in Norway this coming November 2010. hehe..But ofcoures, I am not yet almost one year learning thier languages anyway.
But occassionally, it is a good things to me I think not to fucosed  all the time in that coures because sometimes I can suddenly got headache of so much thinking of many things with also in personal problems..


Since where I grown up until now I always problem about house work that can make me high blood. How could you never angry if you have been cleaning  a little moment when you come back that place where you been did have still will going  to cleaned up again! So shit! so stupid right? This problem in the house can get me  wrinkles and matured my face. I did not know what they think if once I cleaned it already they should also clean but they going to leave the place with full of mess. I am young but not obvious  I am matured face because a lot of problem that I did not know when will solve it!

blue berries

On last Monday, while went up in the mountain I just picked up and ate some blue berries. This grown only on summer season. They grown at the forest or at somewhere in the mountain. This on my hand was not so much because I ate a lot and it was funny because toungue and hands was color blue. They said that blue berries are really good. They make for putting in the bread.  It's really good and much vitamin .

Happy Birthday MAMA MARY!

Mama Mary forgive me to all my sin. How I really forgot that is your day today. How I really thought and understood that I dreamed you last night..Sorry, I cannot visit you at church as now. You know I am here at different country. Please guide and protect me always .. And also to all my family , friends and all people in the world. Happy Birthday Mama Mary.

What is my day?

Hello folkens, I want to shared some what happened my day today. There's a lot thing we did it today at school. A long test that was very difficult and some of my classmate said that also. hehe
Afterward, we talked about our some leader that can contact some students in our group. So we did it some meeting and choose who will be participant and we did successfully that nothing complaining. We are a lot immigrants and few of them are refugees. They can speak Norwegian languages mostly of us. But for me, yes I can but not so perfectly and fluently.

Free Templates

 Hello guys, I just came home from the school and sitting here at computer. I have been thinking to changed my layout again. There's a thousand of free templates to choose from. On
personal business cards that you can have  a lot of design and order business cards online. You can upload the design what you want. My one friend give some ideas to choose some nicely layout at blog. And it was so awesome i got. Feeling free and comfortable to have some wonderful corner that can share your thoughts, experienced and everything happened in our daily lives. If you have list to see more of the templates so do it now. I will  do it also.


Well, some another said that blogging can be addict if you can earned you will be addict so much. Anyway, blogging where I can shared my thoughts, experienced ,adventures and many things. It can helpful also when you will be bored. Then , now I should shut down this computer and let my self study Norwegian courses maybe I got nothing things to be learn. Tomorrow back school and meet some school mate and friend. With in break time go somewhere at mall and looking for sale. If have money we gonna buy..hehehe..