My pinay friend

My pinay friend of mine and co-blogger name Anygen. We knew each other via here at blog since 2009 by her friend and co-blogger also her name Lulu and we chatting at yahoo messenger also. We met finally on last week there at big city in Oslo Norway. We had been fun to roaming around at Mall and I bought some items. I taken her this picture at clothes store. Nice meeting you my friend Anygen. Hope to see you  again someday.

A great news

Hello guys.. I am back here. I did not yet update past few days , weeks and months. A totally busy of important matter. In my ways, I did not imagine that I gained much weight. I ate much food than before. So, now I am not fat but I am much heavy. I am thin before but I little heavy hehehe. Folkens, I have a great news for everybody. I got a tasked that you can  focus here. If you going to know how it is to make your'e body problem will solve. The  great news is tummy tuck beverly hills will provide you how the belly button is detached from its surrounding skin and placed in a new position on the abdomen. It 's have also liposuction beverly hills that they're value safety during  liposuction. For on this reason, we do all our liposuction procedures in our government-certified outpatient surgery center. We use a physician anesthesiologist to monitor and maintain your comfort and safety during liposuction. If you're concern about you breast. You can visit breast augmentation beverly hills on here.