Burberry perfume

 I am very poor. I never got some famous perfume before. Since, I got work I try to buy this kind one of perfume. But ofcoures  I got some gift perfume from my hubby, friends and soon. But I gladly  bought one from my own income. As a poor wanna experience some I did not try. I got  Gucci, Victoria scent and more. If I can afford some day in my list to collect more different pragrance.


My day is boring today. I feel not good. I want to do something that make my time past. So,What I do now is updating my corner. I almost forget that I have blog. I wanted to build up it again same as before. I must sorry to those who are part in my page. Apparently, I lost some account here that make me upset. I blocked my entrecard on that accidently I felt mad to update and soon I got everyday work. Right after work I am exhausted to write here. So, now I just share my perfect shot from my Nikon camera that I got that from my hubby gift in my b-day. I love to take a picture like everything is nice. This fruits is Kirsebær. It is some of the beries here. Before I picking up just taken picture first. I hope guys you still out there. Have a good day everyone.

How cute this one

Oh no.. I have no budget as now. How really cute one this. I did know if I can buy as same as this cute. hehe I have income now but I almost buy every single day. Oh no that's the problem..huhu I must have some limitation and control to use money to buy something is nice.. Why I cannot stop it.. You must stop it..hehe Have a nice day folkens.