I am back for long time no visit here

Hello guys, I didn't knew why I thought today to write here in my blogging corner. I almost forgot to write in English. I actually speak almost everyday in norwegain language. Sometimes, I don't know to speak it. Oh gosh! It's been long time I was not here. It's was four months ago no more updated and writing here. I got a fulltime job until next year. And that was so good for me. I focused to work and when got home just eat and relax because I felt exhausted. And the meantime, I go to school for speak coures. And also we practise a dance for to present in our filipino christmas party this coming 2nd week of December. When it is weekend I must doing house work and go to practise again.
We prepare three dances. You can imagine! We almost carrier at all. hehe Oh no! We are committee on this group that why we need to be active and have good flexibility to have more activities in our party.
And today we have meeting in our group for next party. In our valentine party next year. We must talk it about at all what thing should we do and what things we must prepare hehe... see you guys when I am here.