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data network not available

Hello to all, I am happy to say thank you for visiting here. I am sorry I wasn't visit you all back. I got problem in my entrecard page. I cannot log in back. I did not knew why was it happened. Perhaps, I doubt that they rejected because I was accidentally create to sites in one account.. Maybe, it might be happened on that cases. I looking forward how I can do it back. Oh no! Problem! I have also problem in my mobile. I bought a mobile in Philippines. It's a samsung galaxy S. They said it was latest. I used also when I came back here in Norway. So, I used sim card that  I had before. My partner decided to change it into another. Then, this company was not agree. They fight about costumer. And then,yesterday my husband tried to use gps and  searching how to used it after then I cannot call. When I tried to call it will be data network not available? What is the possible problem the mobile or sim card because I tried to used the sim card from mobile in my husband til in my mobile it works and I called regularly. Maybe it is the sim card? I did not know.. No one suggestion out there?