Advancing Oxidative Stress Technology


Have you guys heard about this OXIS International? This is about in our health that provider for potent antioxidant ,anti-aging,glutathione ,penny stocks and free radical.However, our health are precious of us.
We must imagine,when we are sick,how much revenue we will  wasted,and how much we spending a lot of money on medication.
The important matter that we are healthy immune against of all kinds of viruses,radicals and diseases.Oxidative stress caused by unchecked activities of reactive oxygen species(ROS)reactive nitrogen species (RNS),this both are highly reactive,unstable molecules in healthy cells created and neutralized in part of normal cell life.Therapeautic  compounds and clinical products are actual that can used to treat diseases.
This product are potentials benefits of Ergo.This we can read of This approved by AFD drug product of treatment.

And more details we can see here...

first ever made cake

2 eggs 2 cups sugar 2 mosede bananas 1 cup melted margarine 1 cup milk 2 tsp vaniliesukker 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 3 cup flour
Filling: 1 pack cream 3 mosede bananas
Glaze: 100 g margarine 200 gr icing sugar 3 tablespoons coffee 1 / 2 sheet chocolate 1 egg

 How- Beat eggs and sugar until eggnog. Mix in banana. Add the dry alternating with margarine, and milk. Pour batter into a greased springform 24 cm and bake the cake for about 35 min to 175 gr.To cool in pan. Share the cake in half and whip cream of the cream and add the banana. Put the filling in between the two teams. Mix margarine and sugar white. Add the melted chocolate / coffee mixture. Stir the egg in the end. Butter frosting over and around the entire cake.

This is good cake with coffee.


It was Sunday.The Plantasje shop will be open from 12:00 until 16:00.My husband and i was i Plantasje where we we can shop the flower.We shop two pots of this blue color of flower and also that one cactus what i holding.And the another types with 10 pots.They are seldom in Norway they used planted flowers because they are  almost  always cold here.Just only this June,July and June are little warm.

I've got

After school today,i saw this letter in the table.I never thought i got some greeting in advance.I never mind and i was surprised when i saw this because she did not remind me on this.Thank you so much my friend Anygen.

2 years wedding anniversary

Our two years wedding anniversary here i Norway.Just simple celebration,we just bought  small cute cake and Joan was teach me to bake muffins.This was my first ever bake a muffins hehe..It was good.

Senja trollet

While we are driving on the way home.We just dropped a little minutes to had some pictures of the views about troll.This was on the park of Senja.

near at the lake

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Trondenes historiske senter

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outside the museum

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His is one of the rich before

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It same as real

But it just only statue.
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rich man

JUST PEACE WITH YOU.It just was the statue on 'bout this rich mann that he was listening on radio and while reading on the he holding.I think he is the King from some years long ago.
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Oh my friend

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where i am this time?

I did not remember but they are also inside the museum .
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Old motorbike

I am trying to be a newly driver on this motorbike or motorcycle.They are very old.
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Isn't farm

The same as farm i think so.I can relate if how to expalined about this.They are same as a farm.
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some kind of fish

I did not sure if how many years this fish but i think they long years ago.They are interesting on past long years.About what happen in the 3000 years ago.
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I did not wondering what the doing on my beside.They are some displayed at the inside of museum.It's same "nagalubok"hehe
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