Make solar panel

Are you wonder and ofcoures I wonder also how to make solar panel? Anyway, there's no another can make it that's only to do it yourself! Make Solar Panels you need solar cells which aren’t exactly something that you find laying around in your average hardware store, though you may be surprised by just how many of them are out there these days. You can find solar cells online and usually for auction at a fair price. Most solar cells are 3×6 in size, which generates ½ volt or 3.5 amps of energy. Most solar panels have an output of 18 volts, which means you will need 36 solar cells per panel (0.5 volts x 18volts = 36 cell per panel). The container for your solar cells is basically a shallow empty box. The easiest material to make solar panels from is wood, though if you have plastic or any other material handy you can use that as well. Plan the lay out for your cells, and decide what dimensions you will need. When you make solar panels, the building container is the most important part, so take it slow. For more information please take a look around on thier site.

web hosting

Are you looking for monthly traffic? Anyway, I just want all to know about thier company about.  Altrics Hosting base on my review and I also read with  each plan you get sufficient amount of disk space and monthly traffic. And also this is free script hosting. You can get free installation of a popular application. You just log in your accout and start setting you new site. Host multiple site within your account CMSes,elearning portal, blog site, and photo albums. Each site will have it's unique web address. Web Hosting offer easy and intuitive management of the entire content of an online gallery, the installation of the photo album script is often accompanied by certain difficulties. For more information just look thier online website.

Nokia N8

Finally, the Nokia N8 here. The new flagship of Nokia are now sold in the online shop.
Nokia N8 has a camera with 12 megapixels and HD video, online TV, Ovi Maps and numerous opportunities for personalization.
Connect to your home theater system: the Nokia N8 has an HDMI connector makes it easy to share images, videos and music on a compatible TV and projector. All in amazing HD resolution with 720 pixels. It also has superior * Dolby Digital Plus technology which is compatible with home theater systems, and in this way, the movies sound as good as they look.
Wheeew! I am not stop surfing many things that unneccesary as now and it is out of budget to buy new mobile for me. But this awesome for me. I want to try to have one again?hehe As now just wishing only becuase there's a lot of priority need to be done. Stakkars meg.

Mobile marketing solutions

 Are you looking for mobile marketing solutions? Cellit Mobile Marketing  provides mobile solutions to all by combining world-class customer service and marketing know-how with engineering expertise. We generate results, increase sales and reach customers in ways traditional marketing strategies can not and continues to develop groundbreaking mobile platforms and create custom solutions that communicate, involve and mobilize customer bases.
 Mobile CRM  a leading provider of mobile technology solutions, announced today the addition of drill-down area code mapping to the suite of campaign reporting tools built into Cellit Studio, the company's campaign management and mobile CRM platform with allows clients to easily gain insights into who is participating in their mobile programs. Campaign managers have been able to view maps of who is subscribing or un-subscribing to their campaigns at the national level, and on a state-by-state basis. Now, clients can drill-down on each state to view activity at the area-code level.
Mobile Coupons are the leading provider of mobile marketing solutions, announced today the launch of iWidgit®, their new handheld mobile coupon redemption system for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This new app provides retailers and restaurants a simple way to redeem and track mobile coupons from a handheld device, without the need for costly, difficult, or intrusive POS integration and  leading mobile coupon redemption system to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Providing flexibility and portability, this application allows both small businesses owners with no formal point-of-sale system and businesses needing a portable solution (such as bars and nightclubs) to collect and redeem mobile coupons in an easy to use platform with mobile app, mobile coupons, mobile marketing, mobile phone marketing, sms marketing, text message crm, text message marketing, mobile crm and etc. Cellit Mobile Marketing helps small businesses and large companies leverage the power of mobile marketing (text messaging, wap, app and more) via their simple to use campaign management platform, Cellit Studio.

relaxing life

Yehey, I am relaxing today at home no school and work. But I worked online job and also study a little to prepared our examine next week after I finished my job here at internet. But I felt so cold here if you just sitting all the time. Wait a minute I want to get some a cup of tea. Maybe it will solve it while writing and do it some reviews here.
I woke up early becuase  hubby waking me up he thought I gonna go to school to day but I said not. And he thought if I am bad condition I said no. I thought he did not understand on it but it's my fault I did not told him that no schooling today. hehe bad me.

Best online casino

There’s something about an online casino so rich in history that sets it apart from others. Having been around since the birth of online gambling, English Harbour Casino has aged gracefully, perfecting the process of sign-ups, payouts and exceptional customer service, while building a reputation as one of the most secure and trusted casinos. Internet casino is a  comprehensive guide to online casinos and gambling on the web aimed at helping to guide you in the right direction when choosing an online casino.
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cute one

I saw this at facebook. I have friend who has online shop. I thought this one is cute for me. A burberry replicas bag.

Zennioptical provides Rx Glasses at Low prices

 Are you looking for eyeglasses and prescription?  The Zenni has launched a very sophisticated site and it is awesome! The site has the best Try On feature--Zenni Frame Fit. A lot of search functions! Price went down from $8 to $6.95!  Check out Zenni's New Site!   
ZenniOptical is the #1 online eyeglasses store. We feel prescription eyeglasses are a health item necessity for most wearers, and to that end we take considerable pride in offering a very high quality eyeglasses on line at truly unheard of affordable price. ZenniOptical $6.95 Rx Glasses  here you can get glasses at very reasonable prices and can be obtained to you at good prices. You can get it via online market places. Zenni now has the best tryon: Frame Fit  for me and you can get proper solution of your need via them at any point of time.

plan to be mine

I went early at school today while waiting   my classmates and teacher. I saw one of my classmate wore this such kind of boots.Oh no! I am now back to be materialistic. I love  it and she looked so sexy. I will save extra money so that I can have mine soon..hehe Again?!

Drug treatment info

What you need to do to help drug users is bringing them to the credible drug treatment. Unfortunately, you also lack of information about the best drug treatment center to bring the drug user. If it is the case, it is better for you to help them by finding more information about drug treatment center including drug treatment programs. Drug Treatment where the place for you to learn more about Drug Treatment is Treatment4Drugs.Com. The information available here is various. Atleast you have information about on it.   Drug Treatment Programs are here  can just explain it to the drug user so they can also understand about what they have to do there. By knowing such kind of information, the drug users can be calm and do the program comfortably without worrying anything.  Drug Treatment Centers of   this website also provides you with this kind of information. At least, the drug users can choose the condition and the situation of the drug treatment center because it is important to make them comfortable during the treatment. In the end, this is the way for you to support the drug users especially if they are your friends or your family. A website for addicts and there loved ones to learn about all types of drug addictions and find the proper treatment for drug addictions.


I got bit busy busy on past couple days. I worked three days at big store and two days at Norwegian coures to learn their languages. But this week we just only one day at school because we have free day tomorrow. And next week we have norwegain examine I hope we can do it and pass it. I need to update first before to focus and study little about thier difficult languages..Uff!


What really makes people choose to use the Banish Rosacea system is the fact that the author of the book isn’t looking for money or to sell some product that probably WON’T work; Robert Campbell is simply sharing his knowledge and his expertise and hoping that you will enjoy the same great results as he has (which almost everyone who has followed the Banish Rosacea system has). Banish Rosacea will introduce you to a 2 step system that has been proven effective not only for Robert Campbell, but thousands of other rosacea sufferers out there. Rather than try to cover up and conceal the problem,  delves below the surface and will help you discover the real reason why you may be suffering from rosacea in the first place. After long nights of laying awake anxious, after several prescription medications that did nothing to really solve the problem, after having to constantly live with the red, dry, itchy skin, Robert Campbell took it upon himself to discover a new way to cure rosacea for good.

guaranteed loans

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Other people turned to personal lines of credit, personal loans at their banks, or taking out home equity loans and advances on their credit lines. With a tough economy however, many of these options are no longer available. Banks have tighten their lending and have become much more constrictive on their lending in relationship to their lending requirements and qualifications that it becomes nearly impossible to borrow money. Since think  many people's home values are declining, or they are losing their homes because of bad mortgage loans, home equity lines of credit and other sources to access quick cash may no longer available.
Fortunately, there is still an option available when you need fast cash right away - a fast payday advance! Cash Loans you can get instant approval with no background check and no collateral. As we've already discussed, there are minimal requirements to getting fast cash so that you can access the money from lenders who compete for your business.   When you need fast cash advance, getting a quick cash loan is a great way to go. You can quickly and easily get approval without having to fax in any documents. Fast Loans  is safe and secure and your application can typically be completed totally online. In many instances, you can get your fast cash deposited directly into your checking or savings account in as little as one day. Since this is an unsecured, short-term fast cash loan, you don't need to worry about credit checks, background checks, embarrassing interviews, or securing your cash loan with any personal property such as a house or a car.  Fast Cash minimal requirements allow you to not worry have to further damaging your credit or having your personal property repossessed. You can just secure the fast cash with your paycheck. There are just three quick and easy steps you need to follow in order to start the approval process of your fast cash advance.

Terrible situation

For me is a lot to think more about every day and night. Even I woke up in morning  I cannot forgot the things I should need to do. So much stressful if you think much for everything. As usually for every daily needed. What is for the future? What gonna do after you have finished the list thing I was thought about. It can be difficult for me can  lost  weight and can be bad shape in my body.  Maybe, therefore one of my classmate said that I am very thin now so I felt pity to myself.  I have a lot to do,got to work, school, housework, homework and blogging . And ofcoures about finacial out back where I came from. I hope I can do it all by peaceful step and step.

Roll and Win

Are you looking for  surprizes? There's a lot await you inside high roller casino . Win all six of our games for a chance at the Casino Frenzy, where the chips are flying all over the place. Collect 100 chips for a chance at big, big points in Break the Bank. And who knows what's in store for you should you make it to Super Surprise from our animated backbox feature, Roll'N'Win!
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My wish to have this such kind of boots. But I know this type of boots are expensive therefore I will need to save money for it.

Play online

    Here are the good news to  everybody for the people who have not time to go out to play some game out at the mall. Our best online casinos   can give you more excitement and valuable information regarding the most effective infromation for your online journey.You can find out at the data about the latest offer and bonuses. By not wading enough through endless promotional material having necessary information by using at your fingertips.You can save more valuable time and could be spent more happiness at your favorite online game.

 While no deposit casinos often to  find the best way for having a good opportunity on this game.For more excited on this game must should try to take the experiencing  such popularity online game. However, they have some more bonuses on casino free play where offered by slotting to carried and giving opportunity to play on thier sites and totally can gets more experiencing at thier games with no more cost to yourself. More institutions will kindly offer  and often case welcome offer ongoing incentives to continued playing.


After all i continued my practice worked until the end of this year. I should work three days and two days at school. So now, I am tired for long days worked and tomorrow will go to school. I got lazyness to do it my assignment.. Stakkars me! Pity me! I always yawning infront at computer and my books..hehe


Some days ago, I wished to have an lucky day that I need to choose in right way. I have been asking some people who is closed to decided something that I couldn't regret on. But some other said must better the chance to take the step in but another said in opposite. Until I decided to choose on I was regret that I need to peace off until the end of the year. I cannot do anything about  it just to face on. I realized sometimes I need to followed my decision not to heard the another what they think that is the best becuase they are not the one to work on it. Have a great day guys that my life experiences of the day.


We planned to have our new house as soon if have some enough budget to build on it. But anyway, first we must think all the expenses, security and etc. As long we are launching all of it we have must also think all  things to progess all about. And also must think the  best home security to keep the awareness about the break in and etc.

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