Make solar panel

Are you wonder and ofcoures I wonder also how to make solar panel? Anyway, there's no another can make it that's only to do it yourself! Make Solar Panels you need solar cells which aren’t exactly something that you find laying around in your average hardware store, though you may be surprised by just how many of them are out there these days. You can find solar cells online and usually for auction at a fair price. Most solar cells are 3×6 in size, which generates ½ volt or 3.5 amps of energy. Most solar panels have an output of 18 volts, which means you will need 36 solar cells per panel (0.5 volts x 18volts = 36 cell per panel). The container for your solar cells is basically a shallow empty box. The easiest material to make solar panels from is wood, though if you have plastic or any other material handy you can use that as well. Plan the lay out for your cells, and decide what dimensions you will need. When you make solar panels, the building container is the most important part, so take it slow. For more information please take a look around on thier site.