My dream came true

When I got married to my husband he said to me maybe we're not going to have babies that time. Then, the time we lived in where my husband came from we met some Filipinas married likewise and they got adorable children. I convey my husband maybe we can have one child.Until he agreed and we waiting so much time till I will be pregnant. We have been through a lot of examination and consultation with us two. Till then my patient was surrender and accept maybe we can travel to Danmark some will help
us there. My husband bought already the ticket for us that time. After a month of waiting I was surprised and excited I didn't have my monthly visit. So then we bought pregnancy test then he is kind of jokes man. Oh no! Negative. But I just smile that because I felt inside my heart it is positive. And he said again. Yes, it is positive.That's was the nicest thing I heard ever in my life.The ticket we bought we did not travel and it's worth it. Beauce I am pregnant already. I understand now why I waited so long. God has a plan for every us. Sometimes we can think to surrender but take a break make a inhale and exhale. Your dream will come true with praying too. She is my first dream in my life and truly came true.

Summer 2017

In my place where I live in Northern  Norway where the place that you can see or maybe some of you heard about that so much nicest places when it is summer time, even though on winter time. On this picture, you can see a beach where we went our family for spent time while it is nice weather and warm. Is not often we got nice weather that we can swim at the beach. But I never try to do it. I knew it is so cold the water either it very warmest weather. Some of us or Norwegian people are so happy when it is so nice weathers. Where I came from we always complain it is very warm. Philippines where I came from as you know. Where complained every time we went to the town and we sweating so much. And now, we appreciated so much when the sun is shining through. We always wanted that sun is coming every day. I realize that we must be thankful. But I realize also that the northern season time is the best for me. I like to live with is not so much heat and so much cold. But where I live now is very cold winter but I know I make it through to put on maybe two or three layers of warm clothes. My child or I love also when it is snow time. My child,  she likes to play on snow, like making the snowman and anything else. But sometimes she will bore also because she been asking when it has come to the grass. And now it is summer when it is nice weather we going out and spent time.

I missed blogging

 I really missing blogging here. I cannot imagine I remember my page now. Wow, It was been so long time I didn't write and updated here. I am very gladly I am writing here again. It's happened many things  in my life in few years ago. Since I can remember in 2012 last posting I had here. I worked a lot in 2012 and no time to write here. When I lost my mother in 2013 it was a darkness time we had . And then I gave birth my first child in 2014  and  it's challenged for me as a mother for first time until I gave birth my second child on 2016.
And now I am at home while taking care my baby and very interesting to update here again. So, it will be pleasure for me to meet my old friends here.

Better day

I getting better after I got feber, headache , sneezing and coughing. I felt pity when I am not at work becuase I just lay down at sofa all the time. In the meantime, I hated to be sick with this coughing and sneezing. It's so un comfortable to have this kind of sickness. Even though I just better today I am ready to back work tomorrow. I will meet my all collagaes and children. Perhaps, I got this all sickness all the time becuase I worked in children place. Where is children have all the time colds and cough maybe that why? But I must accept that becuase I want to earned my own income.
I am looking forward what they going to say tomorrow. Have  a blessed Sunday everyone.

accident was just a minute

Car accident happened yesterday when I gonna work. Our beloved car destroyed the window and some parts in back side. It's just happened in a minute. When we are near in my work place this buss stock up in the road way becuase it was so slippery and can't drive more up. So, my husband park a little while in a meter distance back of the buss. While waiting the another car across in that buss. When we tok a chance and tried to drive up in a meter front at that buss we can't drive move up. When he opened the window to see another car back us the car started sliding in just a minute and bump in that buss. You can see it at that picture. We are lucky at we alright.
That's my life experience happened yesterday. When I woke up yesterday morning I felt very sick. I had pain all muscle. But I stood up and eaten a little. After that I tok medicine and getting little better. So, I decided and he drove me to work and that happened I called at work I cannot work yesterday becuase our car accident and not feeling well.

Fruits is my fav

I don't know why? When  I came here in Norway I almost eat fruits everyday. I can eat more differ fruits in a day. When I bring my foods in work or in school I must have one fruit like bananas, apple and oranges. The most fruits I must have are bananas. I can eat all different foods. I have no diet to be slim and sexy . How many times I can eat meals in one day.  I can say fruits is healthy. Fruits have vitamins also. I can eat also all types of chocolate but not so much. I preferred to eat fruits. Today, I brought 3 differ fruits. Like, oranges, grapes, and bananas.hehe Have a nice weekend everyone.

Coach bag

Hello every one.. I really miss here. I miss to write something new for me. Something new experiences in life. I would to write some here when that time  I am little relaxing. Even though I been at work today but I felt it that I miss to write in my blog. My friend said to me I must to update here ..hehehe So, I recognized that she was right. I felt pity of my site. I almost forgot by time to time. I posted this coach bag. I got new one. It's purple color one I got. I had also two another coach bags. It is gold and brown. It's orig one..hehe I can share one picture.

I am back for long time no visit here

Hello guys, I didn't knew why I thought today to write here in my blogging corner. I almost forgot to write in English. I actually speak almost everyday in norwegain language. Sometimes, I don't know to speak it. Oh gosh! It's been long time I was not here. It's was four months ago no more updated and writing here. I got a fulltime job until next year. And that was so good for me. I focused to work and when got home just eat and relax because I felt exhausted. And the meantime, I go to school for speak coures. And also we practise a dance for to present in our filipino christmas party this coming 2nd week of December. When it is weekend I must doing house work and go to practise again.
We prepare three dances. You can imagine! We almost carrier at all. hehe Oh no! We are committee on this group that why we need to be active and have good flexibility to have more activities in our party.
And today we have meeting in our group for next party. In our valentine party next year. We must talk it about at all what thing should we do and what things we must prepare hehe... see you guys when I am here.

Burberry perfume

 I am very poor. I never got some famous perfume before. Since, I got work I try to buy this kind one of perfume. But ofcoures  I got some gift perfume from my hubby, friends and soon. But I gladly  bought one from my own income. As a poor wanna experience some I did not try. I got  Gucci, Victoria scent and more. If I can afford some day in my list to collect more different pragrance.


My day is boring today. I feel not good. I want to do something that make my time past. So,What I do now is updating my corner. I almost forget that I have blog. I wanted to build up it again same as before. I must sorry to those who are part in my page. Apparently, I lost some account here that make me upset. I blocked my entrecard on that accidently I felt mad to update and soon I got everyday work. Right after work I am exhausted to write here. So, now I just share my perfect shot from my Nikon camera that I got that from my hubby gift in my b-day. I love to take a picture like everything is nice. This fruits is Kirsebær. It is some of the beries here. Before I picking up just taken picture first. I hope guys you still out there. Have a good day everyone.