Summer 2017

In my place where I live in Northern  Norway where the place that you can see or maybe some of you heard about that so much nicest places when it is summer time, even though on winter time. On this picture, you can see a beach where we went our family for spent time while it is nice weather and warm. Is not often we got nice weather that we can swim at the beach. But I never try to do it. I knew it is so cold the water either it very warmest weather. Some of us or Norwegian people are so happy when it is so nice weathers. Where I came from we always complain it is very warm. Philippines where I came from as you know. Where complained every time we went to the town and we sweating so much. And now, we appreciated so much when the sun is shining through. We always wanted that sun is coming every day. I realize that we must be thankful. But I realize also that the northern season time is the best for me. I like to live with is not so much heat and so much cold. But where I live now is very cold winter but I know I make it through to put on maybe two or three layers of warm clothes. My child or I love also when it is snow time. My child,  she likes to play on snow, like making the snowman and anything else. But sometimes she will bore also because she been asking when it has come to the grass. And now it is summer when it is nice weather we going out and spent time.