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My life today

Hello! I am now sitting and writing. While am sneezing as much. I hate  this ever. It is not comfortable to do if I have this. It is  disturb to do things in every minute. It was not long time ago I had this colds. It was back when I walked back home from work. I wore much clothes those time and I felt not so much cold. Then, on next of the day I started to sneezing. Oh no! Maybe, I need any prescription. I need special medicine.
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My history on last Valentines day. We worked both on that day. When he picked me up at the work. I had bad humor. I felt that time he did not remember on that day. I spoke not so much with him. While inside at the house he went back out. I thought he would go to at gasoline station. Because I remember at he gonna go that day. When he went back he suprise me a boquet. That is the flowers he gave me. I am happy and make my eyes little tears. hehe After all, he invited me to go restaurant and ate some special food. That's the little information from me about on this flower at the pictures. hehe

Poker star

I was at my friends today. We invited to visit them and  had simple dinner. They celebrated thier 2nd wedding anniversary. When I came home I just alone here and sitting front my computer . I explored my page and looking my online job. And I do it now. I wrote some of my page here. Now, I want to have some poker. Anyway, where you can see this it is only here. You guys are interesting on this games. You can provide and see around. This games is so unbelievable. This games is the largest room online today. Thier offering are largest tournament to its players on a daily basis. Players of all skill level will be able to find a game on.This games make a deposit and fulfill the play requirement which are of average difficulty. Then claim your free poker gifts. Their customer service is second to none and quite helpful in all matters. It sets the standard in the industry for tournaments as well with an unmatched selection and sit-and-gos at all stakes starting up virtually every second.
The software is also top-notch and offers fast play, high reliability, great multi-table options and a lots of customization and it pretty much sets the bar for the industry there as well.
If you're looking for a downside, though, it's probably the inconsistent competition. Because of the huge player base there are some very fierce opponents on the site if you wander into the wrong game. For more info just vist here us.

Pictures at Valentines Party

Our bumpy ride girls.
It was  not expectation! I was sitted at the back side and hiding to all people at the front and  when we had contest.  On the contest was 'Look of the Night'. It's chossing three young and beautiful girls. Oh my god! A norwegian man was choosed me. First he went at the another who was Thailand woman and secondly went at the back side and choose me and the last it was half Filipina and her father is norwegian i thought. She was the beautiful girl out there. On this contest was people who will  decide  who will be to win by thier applaus. But it was difficult because it was same. And then they decided to make number and those number It was Me. hehe
Our bumpy ride dance custome. We taken pictures first before performed. But sorry to our back ground because it was at the kitchen.hehe

Our doxolozy dance. We used to pray before to eat but we made to have performance and it was this pictures.

Our group dance. Dancer in Harstad Norway. Proud to be one them.hehe

It was Valentines Day

Oh my gosh, How busy I had been. It's had been  long time not here. I just shared our valentines day. We had a successful party with fun and we enjoy ofcoures. We had much of laughing. We danced and we eat much of food also. We celebrated on 12 February 2011 because this was Saturday and it is free time for those have work and school.