My dream came true

When I got married to my husband he said to me maybe we're not going to have babies that time. Then, the time we lived in where my husband came from we met some Filipinas married likewise and they got adorable children. I convey my husband maybe we can have one child.Until he agreed and we waiting so much time till I will be pregnant. We have been through a lot of examination and consultation with us two. Till then my patient was surrender and accept maybe we can travel to Danmark some will help
us there. My husband bought already the ticket for us that time. After a month of waiting I was surprised and excited I didn't have my monthly visit. So then we bought pregnancy test then he is kind of jokes man. Oh no! Negative. But I just smile that because I felt inside my heart it is positive. And he said again. Yes, it is positive.That's was the nicest thing I heard ever in my life.The ticket we bought we did not travel and it's worth it. Beauce I am pregnant already. I understand now why I waited so long. God has a plan for every us. Sometimes we can think to surrender but take a break make a inhale and exhale. Your dream will come true with praying too. She is my first dream in my life and truly came true.