accident was just a minute

Car accident happened yesterday when I gonna work. Our beloved car destroyed the window and some parts in back side. It's just happened in a minute. When we are near in my work place this buss stock up in the road way becuase it was so slippery and can't drive more up. So, my husband park a little while in a meter distance back of the buss. While waiting the another car across in that buss. When we tok a chance and tried to drive up in a meter front at that buss we can't drive move up. When he opened the window to see another car back us the car started sliding in just a minute and bump in that buss. You can see it at that picture. We are lucky at we alright.
That's my life experience happened yesterday. When I woke up yesterday morning I felt very sick. I had pain all muscle. But I stood up and eaten a little. After that I tok medicine and getting little better. So, I decided and he drove me to work and that happened I called at work I cannot work yesterday becuase our car accident and not feeling well.