What really makes people choose to use the Banish Rosacea system is the fact that the author of the book isn’t looking for money or to sell some product that probably WON’T work; Robert Campbell is simply sharing his knowledge and his expertise and hoping that you will enjoy the same great results as he has (which almost everyone who has followed the Banish Rosacea system has). Banish Rosacea will introduce you to a 2 step system that has been proven effective not only for Robert Campbell, but thousands of other rosacea sufferers out there. Rather than try to cover up and conceal the problem,  delves below the surface and will help you discover the real reason why you may be suffering from rosacea in the first place. After long nights of laying awake anxious, after several prescription medications that did nothing to really solve the problem, after having to constantly live with the red, dry, itchy skin, Robert Campbell took it upon himself to discover a new way to cure rosacea for good.