Nokia N8

Finally, the Nokia N8 here. The new flagship of Nokia are now sold in the online shop.
Nokia N8 has a camera with 12 megapixels and HD video, online TV, Ovi Maps and numerous opportunities for personalization.
Connect to your home theater system: the Nokia N8 has an HDMI connector makes it easy to share images, videos and music on a compatible TV and projector. All in amazing HD resolution with 720 pixels. It also has superior * Dolby Digital Plus technology which is compatible with home theater systems, and in this way, the movies sound as good as they look.
Wheeew! I am not stop surfing many things that unneccesary as now and it is out of budget to buy new mobile for me. But this awesome for me. I want to try to have one again?hehe As now just wishing only becuase there's a lot of priority need to be done. Stakkars meg.