Tonsil problem

I did not know what happened to me now I got problem in my tonsil. When I going to swallowed something it is painful. I feel I got problem in my tonsil that make me little not feeling good. I slept little late last night and woke up early this morning. I needed enough time to shower, eating and wearing clothes to prepared to go school. A lot of things I should learned at Norwegian coures but after on that I preferred to updated here and it is English languages. How could I can be fluently if I am not fully time to learned it. I am almost one year now here in Norway this coming November 2010. hehe..But ofcoures, I am not yet almost one year learning thier languages anyway.
But occassionally, it is a good things to me I think not to fucosed  all the time in that coures because sometimes I can suddenly got headache of so much thinking of many things with also in personal problems..


Anne said...

i have tonsil too now... a bit sick.