I have plan

You know guys I have planned to improved my poor knowledge. I really feel pity to myself while I incountered some information that I cannot catch up at once. I need to think many ti before I can know. As now I am focusing on this Norwegian coures. I have now pass the important exam needed at work but I need to continue for another high level exam.
They said that this  test is so difficult but I need to try if I am luck I pass it lucky me but once it is deny so need to take it again. It was lot had exprience not passing on this level but I believed we should try and try until we succed. As this coming new year starting January 2011 I need to go at Norwegian coures in night time and two days in day time. After that, I heard that online college here in Norway. Online college can help us busy. If you are fulltime working  single mom you have chance to get more degree. Like as me I planned to work full time whole weekend and I planned to go college. But I should need to be wise about this and think more.