A micro game

Our last past couple days was bite busy. I haven't enough time to update here in blog. I got home with so stressful and tired from work and school.
Eventually, I must need to celebrate the christmas party together with my co-filipina. So,that's why! But was so fun! We enjoyed anyway! And today, our last day at school and starting tomorrow our holiday until new year. But it is little not good news we have still work in 3 days because I worked at big store here in town.
I need to do it my online jobb here. My tasked that I need to catch in. I got a tasked about microgaming casinos that is timing on this holiday time. While sitting at home and enjoyed playing this games.
You can check out also our mega moolah that's really interesting games also. I would like also to inform the guide to get the jackpot prize. Just look at around the jackpot guide here.