What a busy day?

Hello guys, I have been a busy day. I had currently much house works. And today had a problem with our internet connection that made my day mad. So, while waiting I have been cleaning in toilet and arranging the all clothes in the drawer. Then, my husband came from worked I told him it was whole  day no  connection
and he automatically restart it.
Any way guys, I am glad to set here back in blogging,dropping another site  and chatting with my cousin from USA. And while refreshing all the paid company i got some buzz. This is my buzz today Austin Divorce Attorney that made me to  remind some Filipina woman who had complicated on marriage. She married with Norwegian man but she had now another man from New Zealand and got now a cute baby girl. And felt so pity this Norwegian man he sent a lot money to her but he got nothing and he planned to contact lawyer to make arrangement on this case. I did not understand  how really  it was accepting by Catholic laws that they Christening the baby using their name even this woman they don't have yet annulment with Norwegian man. What a big crazy right? Oh gosh!

Base on the Catholic Church it so hard to make this arrangement. But good luck to her with they're new path in life. And now, this Norwegian man will not married again and planned to go Thailand to make his life free well. And this is the best way to have him peace of mine.