Filipino attitude changed?!

I just shared some Filipino attitudes. We all knew that  almost Filipino's  people are hospitable , accommodating, trusting and friendly.  But correction,  we can say, yes! we are!  But they are not all make that way!  Even If you are same country land you came from it might attitude will  changed when he or she felt that high level with some one  another.

I just talking about some not at all do this ways. We all knew that we are Catholic Christian, we are almost believe by God. But some another believe by God in another way but they are same belief. And now,  we going about Filipino changed!  I got a girl friend. I treats her a real and true friend.  We met first time in Royal Norwegian Embassy Manila and had some girls talked about documents on paper and visa.
We went round somewhere place and visiting the Catholic church together with my mother on that time but she wasn't went inside because she is believe in another religion. She was just waiting outside. After that , we went back in hotel where we occupied that time. Then, she joined with us at that hotel to stayed some few hours.

After all, she went back at the apartment with her friend that she stayed a while when she claimed the visa approval same as with me.
Two days after we meeting was my flight and it was terrible feeling because I had LBM, curious, little nervous, so sad with crying as my mother did.
When I got inside the airport I met my lucky angel. He was a married man.  He was first asked me that where my destination to go? And I answered that Norway. And I said, I am alone I don't have idea what shall I did  that time. He helped me and instruction me out there . He asked the flight cashier If it is possible to changed his  seat beside me. hehe..We sat together with him until Amsterdam.
Then, I was alone to looking my  flight number  but of coures before he left he instruct me how! On that  time was the end and never saw him again! I hope so someday we can meet. He was good to me. So thankful I got an angel that lost my nervous that time.

I found then my plane until Oslo airport before that I saw the famous singer and dancer in Philippines the same flight  with me. They are Shara Geronimo, Billy Crawford that they had concert on Nov.11, 2009. I talked some Filipinas  who lived long years here and newly also same as me but her husband was with her.
I came in Oslo within very cold and I was freezing.  I met my husband there and directly goes in hotel.
In the another day was  flight again from Oslo until here in Harstad.
After one week, she came this Filipina I met in Manila but she lived almost 3 hours faraway drive by car. We had contact in Facebook and we traveled and visited here with two times in there house .
And then,  when her birthday came she forced me to attend and even we are tired because my husband had played band at night time we drove to be with her.

I was helping at the kitchen, washed the dishes and fried some food they prepared. While fried here some pinay friends came and as her about between us.  If we are friend? (Magkaibigan ba kayu?) she said:  No! We are just met in facebook!.  OMG!  I heard clearly that words and while doing those I fried I got tears and shall did cried!  I cannot totally swallowed the food!  I felt those time disappointed!  And we did not stayed so much because my husband will played again in that night and we went back where we stayed that day. And when, I got inside the car. I started crying and crying so much!  And explain to my husband about that! He said it was impolite.