lyn sims,phuket thailandHave you guys been in Phuket?  Phuket are one of the famous tourist pot in Thailand.  Mostly Norwegian people are one there's favorite destination when they have vacation or holiday is there in Thailand.  That's why mostly Norwegian man are married  with Thai woman.  People from Asian are same look like but kinda of little different. But sometimes it's look the same face.  For example me, sometimes Thai woman called with me  and they speak there own language that i couldn't understand and i said sorry.   They thought that I am from Thailand but Pinay haha..  Phuket one our list on this year to go but it's depend on the budget because must better to spend money to visit my family. We planned and hubby maybe gonna go alone but I said  should  I joined? hehe. .I think this nice place to go.  I remembered I had met Thai woman who was married the friend of mine to my hubby.  She wanna go Phuket only woman no husband.  And she said , her daughter gonna take care to her husband.  It was great idea also but maybe next time after  she will delivered they're second baby. hehe.. It's look wonderful place calm and nicer views.