I hate my life?

Have you guys ever found yourself saying that 'I hate my life? Based  on my situation when I started to understand how my world going out. I cannot forgot that I really hate to be a poor life. hehehe.. What I mean that we are poor and the destiny gives two things that really hard to solve until now. That's my father and mother  got sick together.
You know how really hard if that your parents got sick together and If you are the eldest daugther /son you can forced to be independent and support everything the best you can do. In my innocent world, I did not experienced some teen ager did it to enjoyed the life to be teenager. I cannot explore what should want because I must think what my family needed.
That how really difficult my life experiences, that I would try to solve it. But, ofcoures they are my important family. That I cannot let go and forget them. So, I must do the best I can do to support them.
Sometimes ,I thought I want my freedom, for me, meant having power to do what you know you ought to do.
Most people know what they ought to do,but they don't have power to do it.