Dinner time

Hello there,i don't know what i going to update today.I want to update my post.So,i thought i need to shared what happen in our dinner time.It was little silly .I wouldn't to say everything but i try to explained what happened.
After a little tour out of searching some little job.What i mean we need to have some work where we can practice talking Norwegain languages.So,we decided to asked some  possible can have this praksis.Speaking praksis they are Norsk.The meaning on this,is where we can practice and meet some another Norsk man.After all,we did not yet succeed because here are holiday  and mostly  people  in vacation.
While we got home.we decided to had some grilled for dinner.Before,that the friend of my husband has came and grilling was waited a little hours.When,his friend gone,he started to make grill sadly suddenly rained and waiting again until stopped the rained.
We grilled four pork chops and two sliced elk meat.With this pepper sauce.I ate one slice pork and slice elk and also my husband.Alex was two sliced with potato salad.And i have with rice and soy sauce with vinegar and etc.It was good dinner for us.!!