With my co-students and another group

On last Friday 26 of Mars ,we went on the folkeparker where we can ski.With my co- or the  another group.It takes 15-20 minutes to walked from school until there.We are almost first time to skiing.We are everybody fall down.My friend Shara from Iraq she liked to try it and complain when she fall down.In my side,i fell difficult to moves the ski because it's a little bite long and the cane also.We been in all shop with ski but sadly no more for my height that good for me.They said out of stock and even also in second shop it too.My husband said that many people brought when the vacation coming.It's good weather here,the sun is nicely shine and is not so smooth the road.The weather was continue plus degree not so cold.It will be hot and warm with the sunshine.I been trying yesterday and it was nice weather and i was very sweating and i got so exhausted and very tired.My husband  said it was very good to my body and  i got good fresh air.Good to my lungs and health.And i am not so badly fall down and can go down without fall.Hehehe it was very funny and i really like it.