I did not image my life now.I was from very warm  and i am now at very cold country.This picture shown my first time in skiing.I fall down many times but i loved  and i like it to learned more.Anybody fall at first time and not so bad that i fall also in many times i think it is normal.I like to have sports like this.Maybe,in this winter season.Is  not only   good on body and also in lungs,we can breath good fresh air and  it is good exercise too.Speaking good exercises,I wanted to have some of this to be good also on bone.And i would like to guarantee that  this sport is very funny  to those who did not yet tying it.Even a little young children do this.I saw a little girl  i think 4 years.Wow,i could never image that she is very good than to me.She can do it to slide in difficult way and never falling down.Wow,how could be happen that those young girl do that and very cute she can do it without afraid of.I felt afraid when i going to slide in down way.This ski is from my husband,he said i should try to do so if i like it and never regrets i really love it.We gonna go in shop tomorrow to look some ski for me.And i fell excited that we gonna bonding on this coming week.Wow,excited to be good skiing.This ski is too big  because my husband is taller than me and it's a little bite an easy to move.