We been tonight at nupen.Which is called the place here kasfjord.My husband told me that Norwegian people they used to stay in the nature.Like we did,we just sitting in the sea side and making a little fire to had a little bit warm.They used to be in out because of long time and very cold winter.The weather now from the eastern week was so very wonderful.The sunshine and it's nice to be out,look like going walk into the forest.Mostly people skiing now.The snow starts melting and it's a little smooth the road.It's funny i walked like old woman to be careful that i couldn't fall down.My husband he used to be out like also walking sorround into the moutain and everywhere.They will happy if have the sunshine and they said wow,it's very good weather outside maybe we should go for a walk.He gonna like it if we walked together.It's a good hobbies and exercises..
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