Whirlpool washing machine.

We always complain why our clothes after wash by our old washing machine was so much white. And that's always the clothes with the son of my husband.
 And then , Now we decided to have new one. Because maybe the old washing machine is destroyed now.. It was so long time ago. My husband thought it was more than 20 years ago.OMG! maybe that's why! We saw at the shop here near at the house it's walking distance only.
 This Whirlpool washing machine that help save water,energy and ofcourse also money. hehe..My husband said it was 6 kilos so it's good we can was clothes so much. This  is most  efficient washer in the industry and uses 77% less water and 81% less energy and is able to wash up to 18 pair of jeans in a single load.
The option is preventing odors in wet clothes for up to 10 hours . Dynamic Venting Technology that circulates the air in the washer, keeping the clothes fresh and free from odors. So, you can wash now and dry later. This is so cool and i will be feel comfortable now..heheh..And my husband was already paid on last Saturday but it will be delivered later with the deliver boys from elkshop .See you later washing machine hehe..Its so good to have new one.