Need a bedroom dresser?

I have been noticed many things here in Norway. Almost houses here are made by wood. How you will think why this one of the richest country build a house by wood. Anyway, Norway have a normal nature. You can see here so much mountain. I have been chucked when i came here because i saw here many  so high mountains. And i saw also last few days we have been travelling that it have many tress by surrounding that now are summer. Even they are  summer season now  it is still cold..hehe..Where is summer in Norway?  

Speaking bedroom dressers, we have so much bedroom dresser here anyway in our house. One of this here in sala, one other here in dining room, with also in our bedroom hehe..We preferred to put all the dresser somewhere in our small house. You know why because we got normal house hehe..not so big but it's good for us. And also the son my husband he has bedroom dresser made by wood. Wow, how useful this bedroom dresser that made by handcrafted! And how amazing and intelligent the family who got this kind of product and good business.