Just bonding

The Protestant church here in Harstad, Norway.
I just had some picture of me outside the house of Sharon.
She is Sharon. She is also Filipina. Some people said and thought we are sister because they thought that we are same face..Are they truth?
In the Amfi center in Harstad, Norway.

When i woke up this morning, I just directly sitting  in the computer and chatting with some  friends from Philippines and USA throughout in Facebook.
And then, at while ago, i got a sms  from Sharon. If  i would like to go in the center and only see for something like clothes etc. I did not have planned to went out today. But, when my husband knew that Sharon sent sms. He forced me to met her so that i can keep in touch with her. He did not want that someday maybe she wouldn't text me anymore because I just preferred sitting in the computer. So, We met together today. Went around in the store clothes. And she bought blouse. While waiting my husband to pick up me we walked until her house and did some pictures with in the street near the Harstad church and in there out and inside house. That our simple bonding together with her today. I just shared some pictures together one of Filipino women who was married also a Norwegian man..ehehe