Why is it i can feel ashamed to another?

Have you try that you feel shy when you will attend some occasion that so much people?Are you the one also feels that crazy feeling?Have you tried also to think negative side?I think i am the one that belong of those negative attitude.I am the woman got easily shy.I will not rather to speak if one people not talking to me first.That is my bad attitude i will not smile if you will not smile first.This time was on National Day in Norway.It was so much people in the town.It obvious that i am not Norwegian people.I have crazy thinking maybe they will not like as me.This  was my first time standing in the center of much people surrounding.Sometimes i joined with my husband at playing job.I rather to stay inside the room and watching TV.I afraid to communicate some another people.I thought that what i will talking about.And what topic we going to talk.Imagined i loose to my bad thinking.Bad thinking that not good.Within some people like example our neighbor we met outside i just saying Hi and go inside.Nothing else can say just Hi.I am type of woman that silent if i met a people at the beginning.I can speak just a few words.But if you are the one who will not shyness it will be good to me.Sometimes my husband asked if we never talked with his son.I just said,yeah we talked but just a little not so much.Mostly,just saying hi..hehehe..
I don't know why i am like this?Can anyone give idea why i did this?I will be so much thankful if i can changes it.I need to cooperate some other people here now.I want and i hope i can find  work soon.I want to have my own income.I have so much that i needed  my help in Philippines.That's one my poor family.My father,my mother also sister and brothers.