New templates..

Hallo everyone,i changes my template today.I would like  to thank to one  my friend that she give me ideas and links how to made it.I happy that i have new look in my blogs.At least now is look like little nicer than the old one.Before,i dropping in many sites and i wonder that how i can change my background or i don't know before that called  layout.She also convince to be patient by blogging.I was complaining maybe is not good to me to continue this site so that i have problem about in grammar.Yeah,grammatic is my probably reason.But i try my best to make it properly in grammar.But how could i can know that is right my sentences here.I wrote every word that came out in my thoughts.I can think many things,dreaming,wishes and my happenings in my life.Honestly,all i wrote here is about may daily happens.They are almost about my happenings in my life on this new world.I posted also pictures that's really truth.Also,my daily feelings on my body.Those what i do in this time and everyday.I would like to shown and write exactly happenings.


fetus said...

i got surprised with the layout, i thought i was visiting another site of yours.

Julieta Yttervik said...

Oh really,?
Thanks for you're messages.