My best friend at school

She is my best friend at school.We sit together.We always sit at the front.We like both to sit there because we can heard clearly and we can focus.We both complain in our group are noisy and we think some of our classmate no more respect to the teacher if they start talking on the front.If the teacher talked they talked also.So,some are always asking what is the meaning of that.?So,the teacher cannot continue and we can focus for little things.It's so hard to learn another language if you did not used to English.She cannot speak  fluently but she can understand and translate into her language arabisk.Ofcoures,me too.I cannot speak fluently but i can understand and the problem with me if some people talked into word that so complicated i didn't know.She was absent 4 days ago.She is morning sick i think so.Because when i was called her she did not answer.For last Monday,she been at school she was not good feeling.We can see here in pictures she is little tired.But she always sleeping i think  all the time after at school.Because when the time i called here she will not answer and when we met at school she said at that she sleeping at those time.Then i asked her,Have you been mens but she said not 15 days ago.And that days she said that she always not good feeling of smell in food and she going to vomit and i told her maybe that you are pregnant.And she was told me that she going to the doctor on the next day when she start not to go at school and i called her that time that I am also a doctor and she is pregnant oh thats the blessing to her and her husband.But i miss her in the school we help together to learn Norwegian language.But when the time have an exam we did not help each other.And this coming Monday our first real exam and to prove if we learn more.She told me maybe she come.